CHRIS MASTERS Mentions Shawn Michaels On "In your head"


Chris brings up Shawn Michaels as a guy who helped him a lot and at one point even gave him the opportunity to call the matches on many house shows as they traveled around the horn. He mentioned that Triple H and Vince McMahon also noticed huge improvement in his in-ring work and told him that he had enhanced his skills a lot. At that point there were thoughts of repackaging him and giving him a new push. That is one reason why he was surprised by his release, because he kept hearing that he was going to get a push and a new gimmick. However, since that didn’t materialize he felt that maybe he should have taken the initiative in other aspects of the wrestling game. 


Ryan wanted to know, who was his favorite and who was his least favorite person to wrestle. Chris said HBK was obviously the guy he liked working with in his first run, and in his second run he enjoyed working with Drew McIntyre and Dolph Ziggler. He liked how Dolph bumped around the ring. Drew had great timing and liked to work snug, just like Chris liked to work. He also talked about Jack Swagger and how he was a bit stiff in the ring, but they eventually were able to work together. Jack Swagger is stiff, said Chris, as was JTG.

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