Shawn Michaels' Return to WWE TV REVEALED (DX Reunion Mentioned)

WWe've all been waiting with bated breath for the eventual return of the most grandiose, dramatic in-ring performer in WWE history: The "Heartbreak Kid" Shawn Michaels!


And according to, Michaels is being advertised by both the WWE and the American Airlines Center websites to make a TV appearance at the SmackDown taping on October 11th in Dallas.


Additionally, the center website is promoting a Degeneration-X reunion at the very same taping.


One would think the former "Rocker" will figure prominently into the Vengeance PPV, just 12 days later, coincidentally hosted by his hometown of San Antonio.

Besides that, as exciting as this news is, it obviously provides us with more questions than answers.


In other words, will Shawn Michaels join Triple H's crusade to uncover the truth behind the conspiracies in WWE-land? And what better way to do so than take down The Miz and R-Truth?


Where does the "Showstopper" stand as it relates to Kevin Nash? Will the one-time "Big Daddy Cool" be sent an olive branch to become the newest member of a DX-NWO hybrid faction, or opposed in a DX vs. NWO war?


Will CM Punk oppose the ever-popular group if they were to reform, accusing them of the status quo?


Is this the first step Shawn Michaels takes en route to getting back in the ring, perhaps at Survivor Series?


Is it possible HBK will ally himself with his best friend, Triple H, only to turn on him, revealing a sinister, conspiratorial plot of which he is the mastermind of?

Better yet, could the original leader of DX overthrow the COO throne the "King of Kings" so proudly sits in?


Last but not least, maybe Shawn will turn out to be simply the voice of reason Triple H has been looking for, a complementary COO if you will, to be sought out for counsel during times of indecision?


As you can already bear witness, the return of arguably the best of all time has stirred and incited a smorgasbord of speculation for us to chomp at the bits of possibilities.


However, we will have to remain patient to see how the conductor of "Sweet Chin Music" will be weaved into the current storyline(s).


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