Wwe.com : Does the “H” stand for "hypocrite"?

After being fired by WWE COO Triple H for attacking a WWE official, Mike Mizanin, formerly known as WWE Superstar “The Miz,” lashed out on Twitter with a list of hypocritical charges against his former boss, citing that Triple H was, in fact, guilty of the same crimes for which he fired Mizanin. (FULL STORY)

But attacking officials are not the only times that The Game has defied authority. As a WWE Superstar, Triple H’s rebellious actions have always managed to find a way under the microscope of commissioners, general managers and even the chairman of the board. WWE.com looks back at three such instances throughout The Cerebral Assassin’s career.


One of Triple H’s earliest instances of defiance came on May 19, 1996 at a WWE Live Event at MadisonSquare Garden. At the time, the WWE COO was a member of the infamous locker room group known as “The Kliq,” which also included Shawn Michaels, Razor Ramon (Scott Hall), and Diesel (Kevin Nash). Hall and Nash were about to part ways with WWE, before defecting to WCW, and the four Superstars – noted pairs of in-ring enemies - orchestrated a going away party in the middle of the ring, complete with hugs, handshakes, and a basic disrespect for the night’s match results. This incident, known as “The Curtain Call” was a direct slap in the face of WWE management – the first of many to highlight Triple H’s career.

The Game’s battle against authority continued as he and Shawn Michaels formed D-Generation X in 1997. Neither Superstar would bow down to WWE management, specifically then-commissioner Sgt. Slaughter. HBK and Triple H dubbed the former WWE Champion “Sgt. Slobber,” and mocked him by wearing protective windshield wiper masks while he berated them in the middle of the ring. Further insult came on December 22, 1997 when Slaughter ordered then-WWE and European Champion Michaels to battle Triple H for the European Title. As the match began, HBK simply laid down for The Game who comically ran the ropes before pinning Michaels to win the title and make a mockery of the commissioner. 

The very core of D-Generation X is rooted in breaking the rules. When Triple H and HBK reformed DX in 2006, it was because of their treatment at the hands of a tyrannical Mr. McMahon. To fight back, on June 26, 2006 Triple H entered the ring dressed as Mr. McMahon and proceeded to make a complete mockery of The Chairman and his family. The Cerebral Assassin’s ultimate display of disrespect came in making fun of Mr. McMahon’s performance of “Stand Back” at the 1987 Slammy Awards.

So, is former WWE Superstar The Miz is on to something? Can Triple H really maintain control of WWE as COO if his past is filled with moments of the same rebellious antics he’s now forced to condemn?


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